[Ifeffit] iFEFFit and Tcl

John J. Rehr jjr at leonardo.phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 11 15:49:54 CST 2002

Hi Matt,

  Thanks for the comments: 
> For G.I.Feffit, I think it's just a matter of getting a version
> of python with Tkinter built-in.  If perl/Tk were installed,
> I'd guess that athena and tkatoms would run fine too.  These
> are both (python/Tkinter and perl with Tk) a small amount of

  Maybe, I misunderstand, but presently we do have Python-2.0.1 installed.
Does anyone know what version of Python is needed to have Tkinter?

  Also, both tkatoms and athena appear to run fine on our SGI (at least
for the jobs I've run). Only gifeffit seems to be problematic. 


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