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Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Jul 29 07:36:51 CDT 2002

Paul said:

 PF> Just for fun, I tried installing the new perl 5.8.0 release on
 PF> Mac OS 10.1.5.  The perl installation went fine (all the tests
 PF> passed that should), however, when I tried to reinstall ifeffit,
 PF> problems ensued.  The installation attempt (the very tip) is
 PF> pasted below.  Is this a sign of problems to come?  I don't know
 PF> perl well enough to know where these modules came from.  For the
 PF> moment my resolution is to install perl 5.6.1 (a slight upgrade
 PF> from the default 5.6.0 included with the OS)

I haven't tried perl 5.8.0 myself yet.  I presume that there will not
be any issue with my code, but obviously I haven't tested it.

My best suggestion is to install the ifeffit wrapper by itself without
athena.  (If you are using an older ifeffit distribution which has an
athena subdirectory under wrapper/perl/, delete the athena
subdirectory before building the wrapper.).  Then install athena

My next, and more annoying, suggestion, is to clean up any traces of
ifeffit's perl inteface (i.e. any instances of the files Ifeffit.pm,
Ifeffit.bs, and Ifeffit.so) then try again.

All of this points to something that I brought up on the list a while
ago and which Matt has been advocating for.  It would probably be best
to make on big package with the the Ifeffit/perl inteface and my
programs all bundled together and distributed separately from
Ifeffit.  I'll look into that next month.


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