[Ifeffit] Perl 5.8.0 packages (fwd)

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Jul 31 09:23:33 CDT 2002

In reference to the recent mail about Perl 5.8.0.  This is specific to the
Linux Distribution (Debian) that I use but it explains why version 5.8.0
is not drop in compatible with athena and artemis.


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Subject: Perl 5.8.0 packages
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Perl 5.8.0 packages are currently being tested in a staging area:

    deb http://auric.debian.org/~bod perl/$(ARCH)/
    deb-src http://auric.debian.org/~bod perl/

the principal reason for a staging area is that these packages are not
binary compatible with the previous perl packages, which means that all
binary (XS) modules and programs embedding a perl interpreter will need
to be rebuilt.  The complete list of packages which will require a
rebuild may be obtained by running:

    apt-cache showpkg perlapi-5.6.0 perlapi-5.6.1 libperl5.6

In addition, since the perl 5.8.0 packages break binary compatibility
I've chosen to enable ithreads which may affect some of the packages
listed above--notably if packages embedding an interpreter declare their
own xs_init subroutine rather than generating one with
ExtUtils::Embed::xsinit may need to add a pTHR argument to that

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