Working With Us

To conduct an experiment at a CARS beamlines, you must apply for beam time through the APS peer-reviewed proposal process. In general, proposals are considered three times a year (roughly April, July, and October), but a rapid-access mechanism is available in some cases. The process is outlined on the New Users page, and an abbreviated checklist for past APS users is on the Returning Users page.

There is no cost except for proprietary research. We welcome users from industry and will be happy to discuss suitable arrangements.

Each CARS research grouping handles proposal selection and scheduling somewhat differently, so questions on those matters should be directed to your beamline contact.

Site access to the laboratory is permitted only with an ID badge or a visitor pass. Before visiting CARS, please see the Site Access page and the Travel and Lodging page.

Safety is of paramount importance at CARS, and all experiments must be reviewed before work may begin. The Safety page provides links to APS requirements.

Samples must also be sent by proper shipping methods so they can be moved in/out of the APS.