CARS emphasizes excellent user support at all levels.

Administrative Support

The CARS administrative staff helps users arrange many aspects of their visits, for example:

  • Site access (especially non-U.S. citizens)
  • Shipping
  • Travel advice
  • Access to Argonne and University of Chicago services

Coordinator: Nancy Lazarz, 630-252-0423

Technical Support

CARS staff can assist, to a limited extent, with infrastructure and experimental design, for example:

  • Assistance with mechanical, electrical, and vacuum systems
  • Access to design engineers
  • Assistance with fabrication
  • Software access and support

Adviser: Mati Meron, 630-252-0463



Each CARS module provides a full range of lab support, making both wet and dry labs available to users. Each is equipped to suit the needs of that module's users. The APS maintains a small stockroom, which is available to users with funded user accounts.


A small machine shop is available to CARS staff and trained users. The shop is equipped with a drill press, lathe, milling machine, grinder and band saw. The University of Chicago Engineering Center provides technical and machine shop services to the CARS facility. The APS also has a well-equipped central shop facility for large machining jobs, as well as facilities for crystal cutting and an x-ray mirror coating laboratory.


Wireless network access is provided by the APS throughout the office areas and in the experiment hall. Each module within CARS has its own computing infrastructure to support beamline operations and user data storage. In addition, CARS has access, if required, to the high-performance computing facilities of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. CARS staff have written many specialized code packages, which are available through the Computing Resources page.