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Peng Liu liupeng5182 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 02:49:47 CDT 2021

Dear IFEFFIT members,

I am sorry to bother you again. I asked about S02 selection for the first
major revision. I just received the second revision. The reviewer is not
satisfied with one S02 value for all our samples.

1. I am still not satisfied with selected SO2 value (it is set to 0.85).
SO2 is not transferable between different samples and detection methods. It
is not possible to use a value obtained from different compound using
transmission measurement mode to completely different other compound
measured using fluorescence mode. One method to fix SO2 value is to measure
diluted solution (to avoid self-absorption) of reference material in
fluorescence mode. Other is to use multiple spectra fitting for all samples
of interest (e.g. with Sb(V)) measured using fluorescence mode where SO2
parameter is the same for all samples.

At the same time I am confident that CN values 5.6, 7.1 and 6.9 correspond
to CN(Sb-O)=6. I suggest reconsidering the SO2 value for measurements in
fluorescence mode.

We do get the S02 from a similar reference material measured in
transmission mode, and our samples were all measured in fluorescence mode.
It is not possible to measure the diluted reference material in
fluorescence mode in one or two months. If you could give me some
suggestions, that would be great.

Best Regards,

Peng Liu
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