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Hello Robert,

Thank you, that helps a lot!


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Try starting here:

On 2021-11-10 6:48 p.m., 罗昕宇 wrote:

Dear IFEFFIT members,


I'm a fresh graduate student majoring in chemical engineering. I began to learn XAFS by myself one month ago. I bought and read the book XAFS for Everyone written by Dr. Calvin. I think I have got a clear image of how EXAFS works. Recently, I am attracted by the technique called Wavelet Analysis from literatures. It seems pretty powerful to correlate both temporal and frequency information, but something just went probably beyond my current knowledge base. I understand that a changeable window should be adapted to a make a trade-off between time and frequency, but I don't understand the logic that good time-resolution in high frequency is preferred while in low frequency a good frequency-resolution is better. I would appreciate it very much if you could answer my half-baked question and offer me with some learning material.

Best regards


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