[Ifeffit] IMP: Inquiry for a postdoc position

Nirmalendu Patra patranirmalendu at gmail.com
Tue May 18 01:57:11 CDT 2021

Dear XAS group Members,

I apologize in advance for spamming everyone with this posting.

I am Nirmalendu Patra (Ph.D). I have been working as a postdoc in Dr. Simon
R. Bare’s group at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source (SSRL), SLAC
National Accelerator Laboratory, California, USA since June of  2020. My
current role in the group is to support the team effort to broaden the
experimental capabilities by conducting the in-situ XAS (XANES / EXAFS)
experimental plan, data acquisition and analysis using IFEFFIT software
package (Athena and Artemis) and finally preparing the manuscript. I am
also working on the Principal component analysis (PCA) and clustering using
TXM XANES Wizard to visualize the unidentified chemical species and the
pattern in a large dataset.

Before my current postdoc position, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics,
working on the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy studies on magnetic thin films
and bulk materials at the Indus-2 Synchrotron, RRCAT, Indore, India under
the guidance of Dr. Dibyendu Bhattacharyya, BARC, Mumbai, India. The title
of my thesis was “Investigation on local structures of various thin film
Heusler alloys by XAS and XMCD measurements”. The main objective of my
thesis study the local atomic structure, surface morphology and elemental
composition of the PLD deposited Heusler alloy thin films and correlate
their atomic structure with their magnetic properties.

My postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Bare is ending on June 25th, 2021.  I
am looking for a new postdoctoral position that will enable me to study
materials for energy conversion and storage.  I am also interested in
studying electronic, structural, physio-chemical properties and morphology
of materials using advanced spectroscopy techniques. XAS study on metallic
alloys or metal oxide thin films for spintronic applications are also a part
of my research interest.

My resume is attached here, and more details can be found from my LinkedIn
profile (www.linkedin.com/in/nirmalendu-patra-82701365)

If any group has an opening for a postdoc position, kindly respond to my
email.  Because of the COVID situation in India, I don't want to return
now. So trying hard to find a new position. I am available for hiring and
will appreciate your help to find a postdoc position.

Thank you.

With kind regards,

*Nirmalendu Patra*
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