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Nicholas Weingartz nicholasweingartz2024 at u.northwestern.edu
Wed Oct 7 22:02:00 CDT 2020

Hello List,

I'm having a strange problem with my EXAFS fits in Artemis in which they
seem to fly off at higher k.  I was having trouble with background fitting
a particularly messy data set and I wanted more control over this so I used
the program PySpline to fit the background after I did the rest of the
preprocessing in Athena.  I then imported the data into Athena and loaded
the project into Artemis.  Interestingly, when I only include a single path
in the fit and plot both the single path and the overall fit, the single
path does not fly off but the overall fit does.  I have attached an image
of the issue.  When I use the spline fitting built into athena, I do not
encounter this issue.  Has anyone ever experienced this issue before?

Thanks for your help!

Nicholas Weingartz

Ph.D Student
Department of Chemistry
Northwestern University

[image: image.png]
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