[Ifeffit] Requested: NiFe2O4 Fe K and Ni K XAS spectra

Valentijn De Coster Valentijn.DeCoster at UGent.be
Wed Jun 17 10:46:31 CDT 2020

Dear mailing list,

I am looking for Fe K and Ni K edge XAS spectra of NiFe2O4 - if possible, containing both the XANES and EXAFS region. Then again, if energy regions of 7100-7200 eV (Fe K) and 8320-8420 eV (Ni K) are available, this is already sufficient. Spectra obtained at room temperature would be much obliged.
This is with the intention of a comparative study for XANES features of an as prepared Ni-Fe catalyst.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

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