[Ifeffit] RE-REGISTRATION Request for SSRL Summer School

Ritimukta Sarangi ritimukta at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 13:37:31 CDT 2020

Hello everyone,
This message is going out at *11:23 AM PST on Aug 5, 2020*. Our
registration website for the summer school has been overwhelmed by requests
and we had to stop registration and fix some of the errors. I request that *if
you registered before that time, please go ahead and re-register* for the
summer school program. I apologize for the issues and request your
continued patience with us in determining the best way to support
smooth operations for this unprecedented amount of interest in the school.
Thank you,
Riti Sarangi
p.s -please email me at ritis at slac.stanford.edu, if you have any questions.
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