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Uma Mahendra Kumar K umamahendra at vit.ac.in
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Dear Pankaj Singh Rawat,

Its mostly because of wrong file or corrupted data file.

Does Athena plotted your data? If not, then there is an issue with your data file.

>From your screenshot, it looks like you have uploaded XAS data measured at potassium  L3 edge.

And looking for Oxygen edge data.

K edge of oxygen is at 0.537 keV but your E0 is at 292.11 (unknown units)

Please check again the data file in a text editor like notepad or word-pad.

Before coming to athena, try plotting your data via some other plotting software like gnuplot.

Make sure the data file doesn't have any un-necessary characters.

See which columns are marked for energy and mu.

I am sure Athena could read wisely.

good luck


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Hey There,
Good Morning.I am using Athena to analyse O-k edge XAS data. After uploading the data to the Athena, Fourier transform parameters are not showing.
attaching a screenshot of home page.

I'll be thankful to you for any suggestion.

Thank you. hoping to hear from you soon.
Pankaj Singh Rawat
PhD Research Scholar
GBPUA&T Pantnagar
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