[Ifeffit] Larch 0.9.46

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Sat Sep 14 13:46:00 CDT 2019

Hi Folks,

Larch 0.9.46 is now available, with installers for Windows, MacOS, and
Linux at

It has been several months since I announced a release.  For XAFS and XANES
analysis, there have been several recent improvements:

 - add reading and visualizations tools for RIXS plane data (thanks, Mauro
  - better support for reading older Athena Project files. I think all
Athena files are now supported, but if you run into trouble, please send me
the file you are having problems with.
 - better support for reading and parsing data files from more XAFS
beamlines, at least those in North America.  If you have data files that
are not being read correctly (or even "well", including figuring out how
columns should be labeled), please send an example file and how you expect
it to read.
 - several fixes to the XAS Viewer application. There is still a To-Do list
for this, but if you have suggestions, problems, or irritations using this,
please let me know.

There have been steady improvements in using Larch as a Python library,
especially from Jupyter consoles and Notebooks. Some improvement in the
docs and examples have been made. These are still behind but will continue
to be worked on over the next few months.

If you having any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

--Matt Newville
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