[Ifeffit] Larch import error

Patridge, Christopher patridgc at dyc.edu
Tue Sep 10 06:51:43 CDT 2019

Good morning,

I have OSX Larch installed and attempting to open XAS data files.  It cannot read the file and Larch returns an error:

Error trying to read '/Users/DrPatridge/Desktop/2019-03-21/CaVO_50-40-10_vs_Zn.002':

    _tmp_file_ = read_xdi('/Users/DrPatridge/Desktop/2019-03-21/CaVO_50-40-10_vs_Zn.002')
   File /Users/DrPatridge/.larch/init.lar, line 1
  File "/xraylarch/share/larch/plugins/io/xdi.py", line 258, in read_xdi
    xdif = XDIFile(filename, labels=labels)
  File "/xraylarch/share/larch/plugins/io/xdi.py", line 124, in __init__
  File "/xraylarch/share/larch/plugins/io/xdi.py", line 165, in read
    mvals = tostrlist(xdi.meta_values,   self.nmetadata)
  File "/xraylarch/share/larch/plugins/io/xdi.py", line 65, in Py3tostrlist
    return [str(i, 'ASCII') for i in (nitems*c_char_p).from_address(address)]
  File "/xraylarch/share/larch/plugins/io/xdi.py", line 65, in <listcomp>
    return [str(i, 'ASCII') for i in (nitems*c_char_p).from_address(address)]

UnicodeDecodeError: ('ascii', b'3.1356369 \xc3\x85', 10, 11, 'ordinal not in range(128)’)

Is this a plugin error or something else?  I attached one of the files if anyone could test?  I can open it in Athena.

Thanks for any help,


Dr Christopher Patridge
Associate Professor
Dept of Chemistry
SASE 315
716-829-8096 | patridgc at dyc.edu<mailto:patridgc at dyc.edu>

Social: Twitter<http://www.twitter.com/drpatridgc>

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