[Ifeffit] Issue with the Athena software - Athena Warning: redundant argument in sprintf

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Oct 15 07:08:47 CDT 2019


It's hard for me to really troubleshoot the problem without seeing the 
data.  It looks like the fit ran to completion, that is, the plot looks OK.

A couple of your standards don't actually seem to be represented in your 
fit.  Augite has a negative weight and Olivine is barely outside its 
error bar.  Also, the R factor for fit "B,D,E" is barely different from 
those above, which further suggests that those two are not actually in 
your sample.

What happens if you exclude those two from the combinatorial fit?  Do 
you see the same error message?

What happens if you unclick the button that says "Force weights to sum 
to 1"?  (I suspect that button is the culprit behind the negative weight 
for Augite)

Does the same error message happen if the fit in mu(E) rather than the 
derivative, as shown?


On 10/14/19 7:00 AM, Clarissa Baldo wrote:
> Good Afternoon,
> I am a new user of the Athena software.
> I am trying to fit my XANES spectra using the linear combination fitting 
> tools in Athena.
> However, every time I run the fitting I receive the following warning 
> message:
> Would you please give me some advice to solve this problem?
> I am using the latest version of the Demeter system (version 0.9.26) for 
> windows.
> I have attached a copy of the warning log and a screenshot of the error.
> Thanks,
> Clarissa
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