[Ifeffit] Larch - LCF error

Lily Schacht lrschacht at wisc.edu
Fri Mar 15 16:21:50 CDT 2019

Hi, all.

I’m attempting to perform LCF on a large number of noisey XANES scans. I normalized and rebinned the scans in Athena before importing into Larch using the GUI. When I try to fit a scan I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\lilys\xraylarch\share\larch\plugins\xasgui\lincombo_panel.py", line 812, in onFitOne
    self.do_fit(form['group'], form)
  File "C:\Users\lilys\xraylarch\share\larch\plugins\xasgui\lincombo_panel.py", line 797, in do_fit
    self.parent.show_subframe('lcf_result',  ResultFrame)
AttributeError: 'SplitterWindow' object has no attribute 'show_subframe'

I’ve tried exporting scans from Athena as .xmu and got the same error. Has anyone seen this before or have any advice? I’m using Larch 0.9.41 and Demeter 0.9.26.

My guess is that this is a data format problem not a result of ugly data but for what it’s worth, I tried LCF in Athena and the program either crashed (assuming memory issue) or gave nonsensical results (maybe convergence issue).

Lily Schacht
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