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Dear Antony,
Your data type for these files is xanes, that won't give a chi set for artemis to read it in. You need to change the datatype to mu€ under the group tab in athena


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I'm having trouble opening my Athena project in Artemis. This contains two transmission spectra of zirconium phases. They plot just fine in Athena but when I try to import them in Artemis it doesn't recognise that there are any files at all in the project (except that one of the two spectra does display in the plot window). There's just a blank space in the left hand pane where the list of files usually appears.

I don't have this problem with any of my fluorescence data from the same experiment. And when I have an Athena project with a mix of fluo and transmission spectra, only the former are listed in the import window.

I attach the project and the two files that went into it, in the hope that someone can tell me what I (or the software) did wrong.

Antony Burnham

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