[Ifeffit] *****SPAM*****Creating EXAFS coefficient file for reverse monte carlo simulation

tolga.ulucan at metu.edu.tr tolga.ulucan at metu.edu.tr
Sun Mar 3 05:31:33 CST 2019

Hello everyone,

I have synchrotron XRD and XAFS(L3 Tb edge) data on Al90Tb10 metallic  
glass alloy that i want to use them as constraints in a reverse monte  
carlo simulation(RMC_POT). RMC_POT manual says i need 2 files for  
XAFS. 1st chi(k)-k file which i exported from athena as normalized  
data and 2nd exafs coefficient file which i don't understand what it  
is or how to create it. I was wondering if anyone can help me on how  
to create this file or point me on a direction to get more info on this?

Best wishes,

Tolga Han Ulucan

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