[Ifeffit] Job posting: Lead Beamline Scientist at NSLS-II, Brookhaven National Lab

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Sun Jan 27 17:43:21 CST 2019

Hi Folks,

I was asked to forward this job posting:

There is an opening for a Lead Beamline Scientist position at the National
Synchrotron Light Source-II, Brookhaven National Laboratory.  The candidate
will assume leadership of the Inner-Shell Spectroscopy (ISS) Beamline, a
high-flux, fast-scanning, damping wiggler spectroscopy beamline, with
in-situ and operando instrumentation capabilities. The candidate will also
be expected to develop an independent research program that utilizes the
beamline capabilities.


for details.

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