[Ifeffit] Problem with running mback algorithm in the newer version of Larch

Tayal, Akhil akhil.tayal at desy.de
Mon Feb 4 04:58:01 CST 2019

Hello Matt,

I found that while running the 'mback' algorithm there is an error in 
accessing f1_chantler database. Weirdly the commands work well for the 
older (0.9.35) version that happens to be installed on my old computer. 
But for the latest version (0.9.40), I simply could not able to generate 
the value of f1 and hence could not use the 'mback' algorithm. Do you 
have any suggestion to troubleshoot this issue on the latest version of 
the software?

Also is there any inbuilt command to perform 'flattening algorithm' for 
normalization or one has to do it manually.

Thanks, Akhil

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