[Ifeffit] Two analysts, one spectrum, similar outcome?

Mike Massey mmassey at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 20:39:50 CDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

I'm curious, has anyone ever tried turning two analysts loose on the same unknown EXAFS spectrum to see if their fits come out with similar conclusions? If you have tried it, how did it work out? Were the conclusions indeed similar? If not, why not, and what did you end up doing about it?

I was talking with a colleague today about our plans for data analysis, and we settled on this approach (since there are two interested parties willing to try to fit a series of unknown EXAFS datasets).

The hope is, of course, that the two analysts will independently reach similar conclusions with similar fits and structural models, but to my mind that outcome is by no means guaranteed. Given the (presumably) wide variation in fitting customs and procedures, I can envision a scenario in which there are major differences.

This got me wondering, "Has anyone tried this?" So I thought I'd ask.

Your thoughts and experiences would be welcome. Thanks!

Mike Massey

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