[Ifeffit] Demeter - Athena Warning, crashing

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Apr 16 11:20:34 CDT 2019


The Demeter problem that presents itself with error messages like:

   15:36:09: Name "Demeter::Templates::S" used only once: possible typo 
at /opt/local/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.26/Text/Template.pm line 572, 
<DATA> line 236.

is one that comes up pretty often here on the mailing list.  It is also 
a problem that is already solved on github, but I haven't made a new 
release in quite some time.

The solution to this particular problem is shown here:


You could simply edit the copy of Demeter.pm on your computer to have 
the three lines highlighted at that link.

Or you could click the "Raw" button at the top of that page, then save 
the raw file in place of Demeter.pm on your computer.

A bit more effort would be to remove the version of Text::Template that 
is on your computer and install an older version of Text::Template on 
your computer.  This one should work:


The bottom line is that Demeter uses a perl module for which the 
documentation of a feature and its implementation used to agree and, at 
some point, stopped agreeing.  The fix that I link to above addresses 
that problem, but the specific combination of Demeter and Text::Template 
that makes it onto some people computers expose this problem.  Any of 
the solutions explained above should address this in the short term.

Eventually I will make a new release and this problem will go away. 
Until then, hopefully people will find this email.


  Bruce Ravel  ------------------------------------ bravel at bnl.gov

  National Institute of Standards and Technology
  Synchrotron Science Group at NSLS-II
  Lead Beamline Scientist, 6BM (BMM)
  Building 743, Room 114
  Upton NY, 11973

  Homepage:    http://bruceravel.github.io/home/
  Beamline:    https://www.bnl.gov/ps/beamlines/beamline.php?r=6-BM
  Software:    https://github.com/bruceravel
  Demeter:     http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/

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