[Ifeffit] Data Import Bug (Athena 0.9.26)

Lucy M Mottram lmmottram1 at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Apr 5 08:18:58 CDT 2019

Dear Adam and Mailing List,

I've checked and found some of my data has a similar problem, I don't know
how to solve this using settings in Athena, however as a workaround I have
found that if I convert the energy in my raw data file from KeV to Ev
before importing it into Athena (using excel) it appears that re-sampling
issue does not occur. Hopefully that helps in the short term and gives a
clue to what is going wrong with the import.

All the best
Lucy Mottram

On Fri, 5 Apr 2019 at 12:35, Clark Adam Hugh (PSI) <adam.clark at psi.ch>

> Dear Mailing List
> I have recently come across a data import error when using Athena version
> 0.9.26. When importing data there appears to be a resampling which
> significantly reduces the resolution of the data. Attached is an example
> dataset with an energy step of 0.5 eV on the Cu K edge. When importing with
> Athena 0.9.26 this data is significantly resampled resulting in an energy
> resolution on the edge of 1.5 eV which can either be seen by plotting or by
> exporting and inspecting the datafile. Using version 0.9.25 resolves this
> issue entirely. The data itself appears to actually be visible correctly
> during the import process (the import tab shows the data listed correctly
> when choosing which columns to import).
> Is there a setting somewhere within Athena 0.9.26 that sets the default
> behavior to resample the imported data?
> Thanks
> Adam Clark
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