[Ifeffit] Bug Report: incomplete data import in Athena when energy is given in keV

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 25 21:15:44 CDT 2018

Andreas, Kiril,

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 6:48 AM Kirill Lomachenko <kirill.lomachenko at esrf.fr>

> Dear Bruce and dear all,
> I have the same problem with data import in Athena 0.9.26 that Andreas
> has just described and that, if I am not mistaken has already been
> mentioned in this mailing list before.
> Looking for the possible cause of the problem, in the list of changes
> made for Athena in the latest version of Demeter I found the following:
> "Fix a problem processing keV data when using Larch (Thanks to Juan de
> la Figuera) (See issue #42)"
> May it be that these modifications are responsible for the observed
> import bug? (just a guess)
I apologize in advance for repeating myself here, but it really pains me to
see people still using the very out-of-date ifeffit backend.

Larch's XAS Viewer can read the files posted just fine (well, 50 unlabelled
columns is never "fine" -- you really should complain to the folks
generating these files).  It does prompt to convert energies in keV to eV,
and it doesn't lose any data points doing so.  Among other features, it can
read and write Athena project files.  It may not do everything Athena does,
but it does most things, and a few things Athena does not.

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