[Ifeffit] the meaing of "beta=125.264" in path interpretation

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You’ve figured it correctly—it’s the scattering angle.

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> On Oct 19, 2018, at 10:22 AM, woschangqiang at 126.com wrote:
> Dear,
> Firstly, i'm very grateful for the useful responses from Bruce Ravel and Matt Newville on my previous question.
> Now, I have another question about path. The screenshot below is the interpretation of a path in α-Fe. I was wondering what does "beta" means. Is that scattering angle? I tentatively construct a triangle according to the rleg values, and find that the three angles are consistent with the beta values. What does this mean? I searched the Artemis user guild and the mailing list, but could not find the answers. Do you have any ideas?
> Thanks in advance
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