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Today's Topics:

   1. the meaing of "beta=125.264" in path interpretation
      (woschangqiang at 126.com)


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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 22:22:30 +0800
From: "woschangqiang at 126.com" <woschangqiang at 126.com>
To: ifeffit <ifeffit at millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov>
Subject: [Ifeffit] the meaing of "beta=125.264" in path interpretation
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Firstly, i'm very grateful for the useful responses from Bruce Ravel and
Matt Newville on my previous question.

Now, I have another question about path. The screenshot below is the
interpretation of a path in ?-Fe. I was wondering what does "beta" means.
Is that scattering angle? I tentatively construct a triangle according to
the rleg values, and find that the three angles are consistent with the
beta values. What does this mean? I searched the Artemis user guild and the
mailing list, but could not find the answers. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Qiang Chang
Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS
Leyuan South II Street 1, Yanqi Development Zone
Huairou District, Beijing, POB. 101407
P.R. China
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