[Ifeffit] Demeter on Windows 10 does not work

Kathy Dardenne kathy.dardenne at kit.edu
Fri Jun 8 10:07:56 CDT 2018

Dear Vadim,

I am running  myself Demeter 0.9.26, 64bit under win10 and do not have such
trouble. But your description is similar to the problem occurring with the
previous release of Demeter 0.9.26 pre2 (old path for gnuplot executable in
ini file leading the same effect), did you download the actual version for
Demeter 0.9.26? this later trouble is fixed and Demeter runs smoothly with
win7 and win10.


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Dear all,

I've just changed my loving Windows-7 to the new Windows-10. I've installed
Demeter (v.0.9.26, 64-bit), but it does not work: cmd-Windows appears for
the a couple of seconds and disappears forever. Is it already known problem
of the OS? Sorry, may be  this question already appeared here, I just missed

Dr. Vadim Sikolenko
Senior Scientist
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
Vadim.Sikolenko at jinr.ru
Skype: svadimm
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