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Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 6 07:35:14 CDT 2018

Hi Anselm,

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 5:30 AM Loges, Anselm G <anselm.loges at helsinki.fi>

> Hi Matt,
> thanks for the quick reply! Your instructions worked, Feff8L is up and
> running.

> I have taken the liberty to write down how to install and run Feff8L  from
> the GitHub page that ignores the larch testing (see attachment). This may
> be helpful for others who just need Feff8L. Feel free to add  this file in
> its present or different form, in full or part to the GitHub page or
> distribute it any way you see fit (it is essentially just what you told me
> but in Markdown form, anyway). I doubt I can be of much use in coding for
> this project but I'll gladly document my experiences with installations and
> such like if that helps at all.

​OK, thanks very much!


> What went wrong on the first try: I tried to follow the instructions in
> the README.md file on https://github.com/xraypy/feff85exafs although I
> should be old enough not to blindly follow instructions on the internet
> without first figuring out exactly what is going to happen ;) The
> instructions say:
>       feff8l> make
>       feff8l> LD_LIBRARY_PATH='wrappers/python:src/GENFMT' && nosetests
> --verbosity=3
>       feff8l> sudo make install
> The error I was speaking of occurred in the testing. A look into what
> "nosetests" does and looking into the scripts in the to paths it is run on
> I realized that some Python scripts there import larch. So my problem was
> not as I thought related to the actual Feff8L installation, it's just that
> the testing does more than test Feff8L. The complete error message (for the
> record mostly) was:

​Ah, right.  Apparently, I didn't look at the installation instructions
either ;).   But, I agree the instructions should be more clearly explain
that Larch is used for testing.
I'll incorporate your changes.


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