[Ifeffit] Basic questions about the preliminary data processing in Athena

Haifeng Li hli211 at uic.edu
Sun Jul 22 15:21:24 CDT 2018

Dear ALL,

I am a beginner in Athena. Recently I got the spectra and I am confusing
about the data calibration and alignment. The manual shows that calibrate
the reference data of one scan and align other reference data to that
calibrated one.

Here I want to show examples. I have two samples A and B, Each sample has
three scans with the corresponding reference data. For sample A, 1st scan
is calibrated and the other two scans are aligned to 1st scan. Then merge
them into merged A. The same procedures for sample B and get merged B. If I
want to compare XANES of sample A and B, do I need to align the merged
reference data between A and B? If so, why? My understanding is that all
scans (original data and merged data) in sample A and B are calibrated to
standard edge energy. Why do they need to align?

I appreciate your help.


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