[Ifeffit] Importing 100 element Ge data into Larch

Macon Abernathy maber001 at ucr.edu
Fri Jul 13 13:26:46 CDT 2018

Hey all,

Has anyone had success loading data from larger pixel arrays into Larch? I
have data collected on a 100 element Ge detector that results in Athena
crashing upon import (running on Mac OS 10.13.4, Demeter v9.25). I figure
this is a good task for Larch, but am having a difficult time figuring out
how to import all 100 channels for each data set simultaneously.

Thanks in advance for any tips,


Macon J. Abernathy
Ph.D Student-Ying Biogeochemistry Lab
Environmental Toxicology Program
College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
University of California, Riverside
maber001 at ucr.edu
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