[Ifeffit] Question about k-weighting real-world practice and outcomes

John Ferre jbferre at uw.edu
Fri Dec 14 19:53:41 CST 2018

Dear EXAFS folk,

I'm a graduate student in Jerry Seidler's group at the University of
Washington, Seattle.  I've been doing a numerical and experimental study on
how to optimize k-weighting for EXAFS when the total experimental
measurement time for a study is constrained, i.e., when you have 1 hour at
some given I0 flux and your job is to get the best results, in terms of
best fits or cleanest g(R).

Can anyone aim me at 'famous' papers (or at least 'standard' papers) on the
best use of k-weighting? Also, it would be great if people could informally
email me how they, personally, do k-weighting and what their personal
experience has been. My email is jbferre at uw.edu.

Much appreciated!
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