[Ifeffit] LCF on Larch - EXAFS Region

Garret Bland gbland at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Aug 9 12:25:55 CDT 2018


I've recently been trying to use Larch instead of Athena for EXAFS
analysis, and I mainly do linear combination fitting for my samples. It
seems that the XANES fitting is doing just fine requesting a specified
region to fit (-25 to +75 eV). When I try to fit in the k-space however,
Larch does not request a specific region in k space. I try to input the eV
values corresponding to the k value I want to fit, but it is still plotting
in mu rather than k . Is there anyway I can change this and/or do it
manually on the larch GUI? Any help would be appreciated!


Garret Bland
Graduate Student
Carnegie Mellon University
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Porter Hall 207C
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
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