[Ifeffit] Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation Course Online for Spring 2018

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Nov 29 15:50:19 CST 2017

Hello All:

Illinois Tech's PHYS 570 (Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation) Course 
will be offered in the Spring semester of 2018 starting January 8, 2018. 
This is a graduate level course suitable for students in all science and 
engineering disciplines interested in learning more about synchrotron 
radiation production, instrumentation and experimental techniques.
This is a for credit course which has both a live and online section. 
Lectures will be presented live on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be 
posted for the online section within 12 hours through Illinois Institute 
of Technology's Blackboard system.  A short description of the course is 

If you have an interest in this course, please contact me (Carlo Segre 
<segre at iit.edu>) for more details.

PHYS 570 - Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation
Term:        Spring 2018, January 8, 2018 – May 5, 2018
Time:        Tuesday & Thursday 13:50-15:05
Location:    Live & Internet
Instructor:  Carlo U. Segre

Description: This is a graduate course which introduces students to the 
production, manipulation and use of synchrotron radiation in research. The 
course will include visits to, and possibly hands-on experience with, 
beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National 
Laboratory but is not specific to the APS. Students will be expected to 
give presentations and write a General User Proposal to the APS as their 
final projects. Graduate students in any science or engineering program 
are welcome to register as are undergraduates with senior standing and 
permission of instructor. It is particularly recommended for students 
wishing to make use of synchrotron radiation in their research. The class 
meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:00-18:15 and the lectures are available 
online as an Internet section for students not on the IIT campus or 
outside the United States.

Textbook: Elements of Modern X-Ray Physics, 2nd ed., Jen Als-Nielsen
           and Des McMorrow, (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2011).
Topics Covered:
     • X-rays and their interaction with matter
     • Sources of x-rays
     • Refraction and reflection from interfaces
     • Kinematical Diffraction
     • Diffraction by perfect crystals
     • Photoelectric absorption
     • Resonant scattering
     • Small angle scattering
     • Other topics as appropriate

Course Organization: The grade will be based equally on homework 
assignments, student presentations and a draft General User Proposal to 
the Advanced Photon Source.  There will be at least one field trip to the 
Advanced Photon Source for experiment demonstrations.

Carlo U. Segre -- Duchossois Leadership Professor of Physics
Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry
Director, Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research and Instrumentation
Illinois Institute of Technology
Voice: 312.567.3498            Fax: 312.567.3494
segre at iit.edu   http://phys.iit.edu/~segre   segre at debian.org

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