[Ifeffit] Trouble in running Artemis in Mac

Luke Higgins pmljrh at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Jul 13 15:04:48 CDT 2017

Hi Changwook,

I had a similar issue, but my solution hasn’t been put up yet on the list:

With respect to the error that Katherine Davies reported (02/16/2016; RE: [Ifeffit] problem with Artemis crashing on mac), I came across the same problem when running Artemis on Mac – v.frustrating. I believe this issue is caused due to a piece of code found in “artemis.pm” (Demeter/UI/artemis.pm) line 512-521:

512         sub process_argv {
513          my ($app, @args) = @_;
514             if (Demeter->co->default("artemis", "autosave") and autosave_exists()) {
515               import_autosave();
516         } elsif ($args[0]) { # and -e $args[0]) {
517            my $file = File::Spec->rel2abs( $args[0] );
518            read_project(\%frames, $file) if Demeter->is_zipproj($file, 0, 'fpj');
519             };
520         };

I think the error is due to not shutting down the program correctly causing this code to fail. A temporary fix is to comment out lines 514-516, 519, save the file and reboot Artemis – thus getting you past startup and allowing you to turn off the autosave settings from within Artemis as suggested. Hope this helps.


Luke Higgins

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Subject: [Ifeffit] Trouble in running Artemis in Mac

I’m using Artemis in Mac.
I got a trouble on running the software.
Once the Artemis shut down by accident, (during import .inp file), the problem occurred.
When I reopen the Artemis, It tries to restore previous file but it never worked.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it several times but I can only see same unlimited loading screen…
Athena works well.


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