[Ifeffit] Segmentation fault: 11

Katherine M. Davis kmdavis at princeton.edu
Sun Jan 22 19:28:23 CST 2017

Hi all,

I too am having this problem with Artemis running on a new MacBook Pro (OS X 10.12.1). I tried updating to the most recent version of Demeter (0.9.25) using macports in the hope that this might resolve the issue, but it has not. So far, the most reproducible way to trigger the crash is to open a blank atoms window and then try to edit the feff tab. Essentially clicking anywhere within this tab causes a crash. For example, attempting to edit the feff input file directly causes an immediate crash followed by the output segmentation fault: 11.

I am more than happy to provide any other information that might be useful. Please let me know. Any advice or suggestions are welcome as I could not see any further discussion on this topic.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi David,

Can you let us know which version you are using?   I don't see that problem with artemis on OS X.

On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 5:48 AM, David Sherman <gldms at bristol.ac.uk<mailto:gldms at bristol.ac.uk>> wrote:
I often have artemis crash on OS X with segmentation fault 11.  It seems to happen simply when I click on one on the windows.

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