[Ifeffit] delR and sigma2 models for multiple Scattering Paths

Mikhail Solovyev sarsol89 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 12:27:29 CST 2017

Hello to all.
I'm currently trying to Artemis fit a molecule that is highly symmetric
with multiple scattering paths playing a large role.
delR and sigma2 have been handled rather well for all of the single paths.
I am, however, confused as to how to handle it for multiple scattering
Reff for them seems to be close to the value of the furthest atom, but is
always ~5-10% off. (which would be my second question, how is Reff
determined for multiple scattering paths)
I've looked at the presentation and examples, such as FeS2.
I am trying to incorporate all of the same variables used in single
scattering paths for multiple scattering paths the best i can.

Thank you ahead of time.

Mikhail Solovyev
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