[Ifeffit] error when fitting in Artemis

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Jan 4 10:05:08 CST 2017

On 12/22/2016 12:11 PM, George Sterbinsky wrote:
> I have attached an Artemis project. Upon opening the project, and
> clicking the fit button the error in the attached log file is generated
> and the fit is not run. Looking at the history, fits have been run
> previously without error. The error message indicates Feff may need to
> be run again, but upon opening the Atoms and Feff window and then
> clicking on the Feff tab, I see the Run Feff button is grey and cannot
> be clicked. What steps are necessary in order to run a fit?

Hi George,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond.  Partly holidays, partly that I 
have been doing a bunch of work on Demeter that needed to get finished.

So, the problem here does not seem to be a problem with Artemis.  It 
seems to be an issue with someone's antivirus software.

The artemis.fpj is simply a zip file with a different file extension. 
Opening it up, one finds a folder called "feff".  In the case of your 
project file, the relevant subfolder is "azxqc" (that's a randomly 
generated 5-character string, which is how Demeter names most things 
internally).  In that folder, there should be a "phase.bin" file from 
the Feff run.  It's absent.  Instead, I see a file called 
"0_Warning.txt", the contents of which read:


A file has been blocked due to the 'Blocked for exchange' rule.
Context: 'phase.bin'
Disallowed due to
Ticket Number: '09e8-5852-0da2-0001'
See your system administrator for further information. Copyright 
1999-2013 McAfee, Inc.All Rights Reserved.http://www.mcafee.com

Now, I do not know if this happened when you mailed the project file to 
the list or if it happened at some other time.  While the error message 
is certainly misleading in this case, I think that it is Artemis' way of 
complaining about the missing phase.bin file.

Perhaps there is some other problem at play.  I don't know.  But I 
cannot possibly troubleshoot that other problem given that an anti-virus 
package has, at some point, irretrievably damaged this project file.

I think that the only plausible work-around is Robert's suggestion. 
Reimport the feff.inp file, rerun Feff, exclude the existing path, 
drag-and-drop the replacement path, then push path parameter values from 
the old path to the new one.  Awkward, but I don't know what else to 


PS: If anyone has any kind of working knowledge of McAfee or any other 
AV software, I would be open to a suggestion for how to fix this.  Is it 
a file /name/ problem -- should phase.bin be called something else?  Is 
there something in the phase.bin file that triggered McAfee?  Any wisdom 
would be welcome.

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