[Ifeffit] problem in data processing in athena

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Sat Sep 24 08:05:13 CDT 2016


On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 1:24 AM, Arkaprava Das <arkapravadas222 at gmail.com>

> Respected Sir,
> I am a research scholar in Inter university accelerator centre, new Delhi,
> India. I am facing one peculiar problem in athena data processing. I have
> attached the .xls file in the mail for Zr k edge which has been generated
> in the beam line at RRCAT. when I import this file in athena it always
> shows a question mark in the place of Chai (ϰ) at the y axis. I am not able
> to sort out this issue that why that question mark is coming. I have
> attached the snapshot of plot window also.
> I shalll be highly obliged if yo kindly help me in resolving the issue.
Yours sincerely
> Arkaprava
The question marks in the plot are almost certainly an issue with Gnuplot
not having the right font set.  I think we'd need to know what OS you were
using to give further guidance, though I know very little about the
internal working of Gnuplot myself.

The file you attached is not an XLS file, but a plain text file.  As Fred
pointed out, it's got an absurd number of zeros, with each value having
more than 60 decimal places.  On the first line, the values represented
span 23 order of magnitude.  That's all pretty impressive, really, but you
might want to encourage the folks in charge of the data collection system
to reconsider their approach.  And, they should include labels and some
documentation for the file!

It also looks like the data is actually fluorescence data. I'm guessing
column 2, 3, and 4 are all somehow measuring I0 (though 4 is noisier, it
varies the same way), all possibly in Amps, and that column 5 is
fluorescence measured as an ROI from a solid-state detector, with column 5
being some measure of total counts in that detector, or possibly some
counts from a fluorescence ion chamber -- the scale doesn't really make
sense to me, but I could not guess the time per point.

Anyway, the data is definitely in fluorescence, but what you show makes it
look like the log was taken when reading in this data -- an easy mistake to
make when reading in data with Athena.

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