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Regarding SSRL data, have you enabled the file import plugins for SSRL data in Athena? From the "Main window" dropdown at the top, select Plugin registry, then select the three SSRL plugins (see attached image).

Having said that, this is quite the file for Athena to work with: 100 element Ge detector data with separate columns of FFn, SCA2.n, ICRn, and OCRn for each element n. In my hands (Windows 8.1, 64 bit, Demeter Athena 0.9.24 using Ifeffit backend), I get a Perl interpreter crash if I try to import >50 selected Ge FF columns into a single mu(E), and in any case can only select up to 87 columns.


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HI, Bruce and Matt

I have two questions for you, please help me.

1. I collected U EXAFS data on APS 10-ID, while I input a single data file with reference data in Athena, it was OK, however, when I input multiple data files (scans) also with reference data, it was crushed. I could input multiple data files without reference data, which Matt helped me trouble shoot. The Demeter 8.24 version is used on my computer, I believe. Matt suggested me to update to the current version. I do not know if other users have this problem.

2. I have a U EXAFS data file which was collected at SSRL, however, I could not input this data file using Athena, how to fix this? format? See the attachment. thanks you so much.

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