[Ifeffit] XANES pre-edge vs. edge features

Aditya Shivprasad aps202 at psu.edu
Mon Jan 25 08:13:52 CST 2016

Dear list,

I was looking at the XANES standard for Fe foil from Hephaestus and I
noticed that there was a small, curved feature at the edge (7112 eV),
another inflection point at 7116.4 eV, and then the edge step at around
7131 eV. My question is: why is the feature at 7112 eV considered as the
edge and not as a pre-edge feature? Are they due to fundamentally different
phenomena? I would like to understand where this type of feature comes from
so as to be consistent in the current paper that I am writing. I have
attached the standard, just in case.

Aditya Shivprasad

aps202 at psu.edu
Ph.D Candidate
Nuclear Engineering Department
Pennsylvania State University
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