[Ifeffit] Could you please give me some information?

Pierre Lecante pierre.lecante at cemes.fr
Tue Feb 9 12:38:12 CST 2016

Hi Pinit,

here is what you can expect from a SDD:

"At X-ray energies greater than silicon K absorption edge, which we have 
measured for crystalline silicon to be 1839 eV, the response function of 
the device shows two distinct peaks in addition to the primary one. One 
of them at energy /E/_/f/ = 1739 eV is due to the silicon fluorescent 
photons that have escaped far enough from the original site of 
interaction to be detected as a separate event. The other peak centered 
at energy /E/_/e/ = /E/_0 - /E/_/f/ , where /E/_0 is energy of the 
incident photon, is called an escape peak."

So, indeed this shouldn't be a concern if you had a perfect rejection of 
harmonics on your beamline; if not, inelastic scattering of harmonic by 
the sample, even rejected by energy analysis,  should likely induce 
internal fluorescence and escape peaks not observed in TM. Just an 
hypothesis, but easy to check: presence or not of harmonic in your 


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> On 02/01/2016 11:58 PM, pinit wrote:
>> Dear Bruce,
>> I am Pinit from SLRI, Thailand. I have some questions concerning the
>> Si-drift detector.
>> Could you give me some suggestions if Si-detector can detect the
>> corrected Si K-edge or not? This is because I have seen a significant
>> EXAFS signal (higher in amplitude in FT) measured by Si-drift detector
>> differs from Lytle detector or ionization chambers (TM mode).
> Hi Pinit,
> Nice to hear from you.  I am CCing my answer to the Ifeffit Mailing
> List.  Someone else may have more insight into your question than I
> do.  You should CC the list in your response.
> I'd probably need to know more about the sample and the nature of the
> measurement you made to understand why you are seeing a different
> signal with the Si drift detector.
> Normally one would expect that he EXAFS would be /attenuated/ either
> due to self-absorption or due to the energy dependence of the I0
> detector.  That you are seeing a larger EXAFS signal with the Si-drift
> seems surprising.
> One thing that occurs to me is that the Compton and elastic peaks
> probably overlap the Si K alpha ROI quite a bit, even extending into
> the EXAFS region.  I would have thought that, too, would serve to
> attenuate the EXAFS (but maybe I am thinking about that wrongly).
> Perhaps it would help to show us some of the data...?
> B

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