[Ifeffit] pgplot and ifeffit installation on current linux systems

Loges, Anselm G anselm.loges at helsinki.fi
Fri Aug 26 06:33:04 CDT 2016

Dear all,

I hope this is the right platform for my question. If not, sorry to bother anyone. The question:

Has anyone successfully installed pgplot and ifeffit on a recent Arch Linux system and could provide a quick how-to guide (also for the Demeter website maybe)? Although I have not yet tested it, my problem may also be relevant for current Debian/Ubuntu systems. Here's the situation:

I am trying to install ifeffit on a current Arch Linux machine and therefore need to install pgplot first. The PGPLOT_install script on the respective GitHub page (as linked by a tutorial on the Demeter page, see links below) does not work because it relies on several outdated paths to dependencies. The one culprit I was able to isolate and fix was the path to the X11 libraries, which the script looks for here:

/usr/X11    or /usr/X11R6

but in current Arch Linux (at least in mine, which is Manjaro to be precise, link below) is here:


This alone does not fix all problems, there are several dependencies missing in the X11 directory and I could not find out what the actual relevant package names are in Arch (Debian/Ubuntu names cannot be found). Also the config files of pgplot seem to have a bunch of similar problems that (at least partially) seem to stem from use of an old fortran-to-c translator (f2c) instead of the gcc fortran frontend and missing dependencies for that.

If I am not mistaken, the latest Ubuntu LTS (16.04.) also has the /usr/share/X11 path, so the script should not work there either.

I'd be happy to provide an updated installation script if I ever get it running but I thought I'd ask if someone has done that already or has solved the related problems so as not to invent the wheel anew.





Best regards,

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