[Ifeffit] Ti data problem

Siliang Chang schang37 at uic.edu
Mon Aug 8 15:27:16 CDT 2016

Dear all,


I am new to XAFS data analysis. I’m currently working on the XAFS data of
atomic layer deposited mixed oxide thin film: SnTiOx. I have both Sn and Ti
K edge data, and was able to fit Sn edge using a model of (Sn,Ti)O2 solid
solution. However, Ti data really confuses me (please see attached file).
With Rbkg set to 1, there is a doublet in 1-2 Å region in every data, this
is something I have never seen in the literature. I’m wondering if this is
normal? Does this mean I should set a larger Rbkg value, say, around 1.5?


I’ve tried to fit the abovementioned Ti data using several models: anatase,
rutile, (Sn,Ti)O2 solid solution, perovskite (N is fixed at 6 for all of
those), so far no success. I would really appreciate if you can comment on
my data processing, any suggestions are welcomed, as I’m new to this, I’m
not sure if I’m doing it the right way.


Thank you very much.


Best regards,

Siliang Chang



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