[Ifeffit] Farrel Lytle IXAS XAFS database data energy calibration

bajnoczi bajnoczi.eva at wigner.mta.hu
Tue Apr 26 05:05:49 CDT 2016

Dear List Members,

  I need some nickel reference spectra, and I thought to use the Farrel 
Lytle IXAS XAFS database. I have found some proper ones, e.g.:
http://ixs.csrri.iit.edu/data/Farrel_Lytle_data/RAW/Ni/nicl.047 ,
but it is not clear from the files how these spectra are energy 
calibrated. Can somebody help and give some detailed information about 
it for me?

  Thank you for your help in advance.

Best Regards,
Eva Bajnoczi

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