[Ifeffit] Importing chi(k) data

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Apr 12 08:16:21 CDT 2016


It is becoming something of a habit for you to ask a question here on 
the mailing list without providing enough information to answer the 
question.  Looking over the list archives for the last few months, I see 
that every one of your questions is first answered by a request for more 
information.  We're a pretty helpful, patient bunch here on the mailing 
list, but I really need to ask you to think harder about how you ask 

In this case, you do not provide any information about what you expect 
to happen or what you see happening.  How am I supposed to understand 
the problem if you do not explain to me what the problem is?  You are 
complaining about something being different from your expectation, but I 
have no idea what you see and I have no idea what you expect.

That said, I think I can glean the problem from the very meager hints 
you provide.  Attached is a screen shot of the column selection dialog 
in the state it seems to need to be in to import your data file.  Note 
that I have explicitly selected column 2 as the abscissa and explicitly 
told Athena to process this file as chi(k) data.

Athena examines the first column of the data file to make its guesses 
about the content.  In your case, the first column is obviously energy, 
so Athena presumes that these are mu(E) data.  It might have been more 
prudent to put k in column 1.

The plot in the second attachment looks just the same as when I plot 
your data outside of Athena.

If I am understanding this correctly, it would seem that the "bug" is in 
the bit between the chair and the keyboard.


On 04/12/2016 07:50 AM, Matteo Busi wrote:
> Hi,
> I am experiencing several bugs when trying to import data as chi(k).
> I have the data as a .dat ascii files with k the second column and the
> relevant chi(k) and corrected chi(k) as the 4th and 5th columns. This
> data was  previously exported as .xmu from athena, the k grid column was
> obtained as k ~= sqrt(0.262468 <tel:%280.262468>*(E-E0)). When I try to
> import this new data back in athena, I get something totally different
> from expectations!
> However sometimes by clicking repeatedly in the importing menu I get the
> expected result.
> This looks like a bug to me!
> You can find the file as attachment.
> Regards
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