[Ifeffit] Ifeffit Digest, Vol 158, Issue 3

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Apr 4 07:46:34 CDT 2016

While I am agnostic on the issue of nomenclature of the effect in
question, far be it from me to deny Matthew (or anyone else) his right
to a quality rant.  Well done!

That said, this:

On 04/03/2016 10:15 PM, Matthew Marcus wrote:
> I might also note that although many elaborate schemes have been
> proposed for correcting for the effect, they all require knowing things
> about the
> sample that you don't always know, e.g. the exact geometry of something
> that isn't planar, or the exact composition.

is the most important comment in this thread.

I would go a small step farther -- they all require knowing things
about the sample that, except in certain contrived situations, you
almost certainly don't know.


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