[Ifeffit] Chi(E) data export and import

Matteo Busi basebush at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 06:58:23 CDT 2016

Hi Bruce,
this message il linked to the previous solutions you find for me.

For the reference, I asked to have a column of the chi(E) in the exported
mu(E) data.
This has worked correctly so far.

Now for my master thesis, I'm performing a correction to chi(E) in the E
space regarding to some geometrical properties of the sample.
I have also tried to re-import the corrected data as a chi(k), having
reproduced the right k grid column, but it looks totally wrong.
The thing I'm not sure about is if the chi(E) needs to be fourier
trasnformed into chi(k) or not.
That's because I would have liked to make comparison in the Athena software
between the two chis, but if that's not possible I will keep it to the
external software (mathematic) with which the correction is performed.
Or if you can share me the fourier transform routine performed I can
include it to my correction script.

Hope the message is clear,
Kind Regards,

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