[Ifeffit] Problem with Hephaestus at Ca L-edges

Matthew Marcus mamarcus at lbl.gov
Wed Sep 23 20:02:08 CDT 2015

I wanted to work out the edge-jump ratio between the L3 and L2 edges of Ca using Hephaestus.  I ran into two problems:

1.	The ratio implied by what it says for the unit-edge-step thickness does not agree with that derived by computing the absorption (cm^2/gm) above and below each edge and
	dividing the difference (L3+ - L3-)/(L2+ - L2-).

2.	The results differ wildly depending on which resource I use:

                    L3-.1       L3+.1     L2-.1       L2+.1    (L1+ - L1-)/(L2+ - L2-)
Elam               4759.796    27837.796 27478.018 38434.277   2.106375908
Chantler           4322.6       6547.121  32827.61 35436.543   0.852655473
Cromer-Leiberman   4288.524    33471.375 32786.294 47072.991   2.042659055

The Henke table doesn't yield an L2 edge jump at all, while the Shaltout yields the same results as Cromer-Leiberman. Which one should I trust and why?

This is old-style H. (V0.18), not Demeter.

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