[Ifeffit] Demeter version 0.9.22 do not work properly in Windows 10

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Sep 23 16:09:31 CDT 2015

On 09/23/2015 03:44 PM, Pedro F B D Martins wrote:
> I would like to thank to Bruce Ravel and Guanghui Zhang for the
> suggestions. I've modified the restrictions of Demeter and all items
> related to it in Kaspersky, and also installed the new version of
> Demeter 0.9.23, which seems to be working just fine. The problem with
> selecting a point in the plot is resolved. Many thanks

While I am highly sympathetic to questions about poor performance by
Demeter, it seems significant to me that we have had two posts in a
short time in which the poor behavior was related to anti-virus
software -- something that certainly is not my bailiwick.

I hope that the next people who run into this problem have actually
been reading these posts to the mailing list.

As for the business with the pluck buttons being broken -- that is a
valid complaint.  I need to retire 0.9.22 and settle on the 0.9.23
release.  I have been working on that when I can during the last
couple weeks.  I'm close, but not yet there.


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