[Ifeffit] Athena and Artemis installation problem

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Oct 26 08:35:54 CDT 2015

I am going to preface this comment, as I do with many about the Mac
package, by reminding you that I do not own a Mac and do not have any
personal experience running my own software on a Mac.  The Mac package
is graciously maintained by Joe Fowler, not because it is in his job
description to do so, but because he is a good and helpful guy.

> _Problem 2:_ Initially I tried installing the “demeter” suit via
> ‘Terminal’ as specified in the site
>   [http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/]. By writing a command on
> Terminal as opposed to with a disc image as in the case of Problem 1).
> My operating system at that time was Yosemite. All worked as explained
> on the website, even writing “athena” on a terminal window calls the
> program Athena.  But that is just it, no explanation as how to call
> Artemis or Hephaestus exist on the site.
> So I am wondering if the installation procedure given on the site works
> also with the other two programs and if so, is there a way to open them
> or call them via ’Terminal'.

So .... do I understand this correctly?  The program "Athena" is
executed by typing "athena" at the command line and your question is
about how to start "Artemis" or "Hephaestus"?

I would think that the answer was obvious, but perhaps one of the Mac
users on the list could weight in.

> _Problem 3:_ My last problem was when Athena closed unexpectedly. As
> most programs, Athena had an auto recover option which opens when it is
> restarted. But this time the auto recover option always comes up and
> this option renders the whole program inactive; “Application Not
> Responding”. Every time I open Athena, “Auto recover” option comes up
> and Athena become unresponsive. I tried updating the software in hope of
> changing something but that did not change anything. Uninstalling it is
> also a problem because there were no files that I could find to
> uninstall from or delete. I could not find the location where terminal
> installed the “Demeter” suit. There is a way to delete on terminal by
> writing “Sudo rm-rf/file name” but that is not removing “demeter” either.

If you start Athena from the terminal, it should write error messages
to the terminal when it runs into problems.  This is explained in some
detail here: http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/pods/bugs.pod.html
and here: http://bruceravel.github.com/demeter/pods/help.pod.html

A useful, actionable bug report would include those error messages,
which tend to be a lot more helpful for me than this sort of
narrative, which is hard for me to understand.


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